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Yellow bikini

1 year access christmas offer

Posted by angelicamgirl on 2012.12.04 at 10:00
Get 1 year access to http://www.angelicamgirl.com for a £25($40) amazon voucher!

Go here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006AUF6X0/gcrnsts

Where it says Amount put £25

Where it says Recipient E-mail put amazon@leggytease.com

Where it says Message put the username and password you want for my site and leave your email address so I can contact you to let you know it’s set up.

I’ll set the access up within 24 hours, so you can enjoy a whole year* to http://www.angelicamgirl.com

This is like a christmas gift to you and me, you get site access and I get to buy myself sexy things from amazon. :D And because you’ll have site access for so long, you’re likely to see me in the sexy stuff I buy from amazon. ;)

*I say a year, but it’s more like the lifetime of the site because I never delete usernames and passwords from my site.

As a christmas treat to my members, I'll be updating the site twice a week for the whole of december, I usually update once a month!

Yellow bikini


Posted by angelicamgirl on 2011.08.18 at 22:28
I haven't posted here for years haha.
Here's some new pictures:

^ My new hair. My tits look non existant there!

Some moreCollapse )

Yellow bikini

Members Only

Posted by angelicamgirl on 2006.07.07 at 17:33
Current Mood: ditzyditzy

Anyone can join... As long as you're over 18!!

Don't ask me to add you, you have to actually JOIN to see the pictures, not just friend me! Click here to join:

Comments disabled so people don't comment here asking me to add them!